Advantages Of Renting A Car In Costa Rica

If you arrive in Costa Rica, you may well plan on an airport car rental or opt to rent one in a smaller suburb such as Uvita. Uvita is a charming town with a lovely, sandy beach by the Pacific Ocean where you can laze all day long under the heat of a tropical sun. Conversely, you can always escape the sun’s powerful rays by spreading a blanket in the shade of the tall palm trees.

Opt for an Airport Car Rental

While you can take public transportation to places such as Uvita, many tourists and locals argue that the best and only way to really see and experience Costa Rica is by car. Once you arrive by plan in any of the nation’s major international airports, you can get an airport car rental almost immediately – immediately if you have registered ahead online. You can also arrange for one to be dropped off at your hotel or go pick one up. However you do it, a car rental is the best option for several reasons. Among the ones most cited are:

  • Only with a car can your reach out of the way places
  • A car gives you the freedom to explore the country liken o other form of transportation can
  • Transportation in Costa Rica is variable. It does not go everywhere you want to go. A car can take you almost everywhere
  • With a car, you can set your own agenda and do it in at your own pace and in your own time
  • You can get where you want to faster than other forms of transportation in this country
  • You can adjust your route as needed and change your agenda. Once on a bus, you are stuck and cannot make sudden and whimsical decisions
  • Car agencies in Costa Rica can arrange a vehicle for you almost anywhere, including Uvita

In general, the reason you may decide for an airport car rental or, in fact, any type of car rental, is usually summed up by travelers in this country in one word – convenience.

Arrange for an Airport Car Rental

If you plan to stay close to your hotel or remain in one city or town during your stay in Cost Rica, you need not hire a car. Public transport or a taxi will suffice. However, if you wish to travel to such places as Uvita, Puerto Jiminez, Golfito or other cities, you should consider renting a car. By picking up an airport car rental, or arranging for one to be dropped off at your hotel, you are making sure you are ready to go about experiencing the pleasures of the countryside as well as the cities.


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