Advantages of Custom Jeans

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Clothing


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A pair of jeans in the wardrobe is a must have for anybody. Jeans are comfortable to where and they are perfect for most causal occasions. You can buy cheap jeans off the rack, but anyone wishing to make a fashion statement can do so by adorning a pair of jeans with the right accessories. Beyond fashion though, jeans are loved for their versatility. They basically are the go to piece of clothing for any event and can be worn with a wide variety of blouses, shirts, tees and even sarees. Nonetheless, finding the right fitting pair of jeans can be nearly impossible if you want an exact fit.

It is because of this that jeans manufacturing companies have incorporated custom jeans in their marketing strategies. Custom jeans in Houston may be pricier than readymade jeans, but they have the following advantages:

* Right fit – Since custom jeans are made with the client’s specific measurements, they are therefore the right fit. This is an advantage for people with non-classic body types who usually find it difficult to wear readymade jeans without adjustments.

* High quality – With custom jeans, you can choose the quality that you want. Quality in jeans is defined by the fabric used and the number of stitches. Denim is the preferred fabric for jeans due to its durability and comfort. The standard number of stitches is nine per inch, and more stitches would enable the pair of jeans to hold up longer thus better quality.

* Customization – Custom jeans offer the luxury of choosing your specific additional preferences such as the color of buttons and zippers as well as the color or colors of jeans. It also offers the option of personalized messages which can be embroidered on the jeans.

If you want more than just a pair of jeans, contact us at AG Tailors for custom jeans in Houston.

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