Advantages of Ant Control in Annapolis

Carpenter ants find refuge in homes by infiltrating through doors or windows, ducts, and cracks. Do not let them invade your home any further. React quickly by contacting exterminators that provide reliable Ant Control in Annapolis.

Why hire a pro?

Although they are not dangerous to humans, the presence of carpenter ants is a problem that must be resolved without delay. Damage can cause serious complications and damage a person’s quality of life. Thus, it is important to observe them well to identify the cause of their presence.

Exterminators will take charge of the situation and eliminate the issue effectively. Whatever the type of construction or the age of the property, all are vulnerable to carpenter ant infestation. This ant race is the only one that attacks wood.

Unfortunately, due to lack of vigilance, it is only after their long-standing presence that a homeowner notices their presence. Identify the insect, find out if a nest is within your walls, and get rid of it… This is the only way to eliminate problems and prevent them from reoccurring.

Characteristics of the carpenter ant

Carpenter ants are one of the biggest ants in North America. They measure 6 to 8mm. Some have a yellowish or reddish hue but are more frequently black.

Worker ants have large mandibles. They dig and live in wood, but do not eat it. They eat everything that human beings eat, especially protein and sugar.

They are naturally content with eating other insects, too. They usually nest in the dead parts of standing trees, in stumps, or under rocks. They invade houses in search of food.

Nesting in a house can have serious consequences: they dig tunnels in wood, somewhat like termites, which will cause subsidence of walls, roofs or windows that will eventually break down.

Fight, fight, fight

Queen ants lay dozens of eggs each year. The eggs hatch in about 60 days. The life expectancy of the workers is seven years, and that of the queen, 17!

After three years of activity, the nest reaches an average population of 2,000 ants: they reach its critical size and become overpopulated, so many ants will have wings (males and females) in order to migrate to other locations. To learn more, visit us today.


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