Advanced Drainage Systems in Cambridge MA Help Protect Homes and Other Buildings

When the basement of a home sits below the water table for even part of the year, problems with weeping, leaking, and worse can almost never be avoided. Drainage systems in Cambridge MA that are designed to address such issues effectively can do away with what would otherwise be long-lasting and serious concerns. Visit and it will been seen that having such a system installed or improved will often be easier and more affordable than most would expect.

A Better Way to Keep a Building’s Basement Dry

The level of the water table in most areas can vary significantly, depending upon seasonal and weather related factors. When the moisture in the surrounding earth rises high enough to meet the exterior wall of a building’s foundation, some sort of penetration is almost always to be expected.

Many homes or other buildings are equipped with sumps that are meant to collect moisture and standing water, with automatic pumps being used to keep these from overflowing. Even merely allowing water to remain present in a sump for any length of time, however, can lead to a host of associated problems.

There are other options that can do a better job of shielding houses and other structures from these issues. Drainage systems in Cambridge MA that collect and remove water before it has a chance to penetrate can afford much more protection than solely sump-based solutions.

Accessible, Affordable Protection from Moisture and Standing Water

In many cases, these measures can also be installed much more easily than many would expect. The usual approach will be to first remove a portion of the basement wall along the bottom edge so as to open up room for the addition of a pipe that will be used to channel water to a designated point.

This approach can make up for problems with exterior-based drainage systems that have become blocked or broken overtime and which no longer serve their purpose well. Adding this kind of supporting infrastructure to an existing drainage system can sharply improve its ability to remove water. That can easily end up saving a building from significant damage that would normally result if such measures were not employed.


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