AC Supply in Hudson County NJ Provides What You Need To Maintain Your Homes Air Conditioner

With record high temperatures along with equally high humidity levels, the thought might cross one’s mind as to how on earth did people survive before the invention of air-conditioning? Well, obviously they did, by building homes with high ceilings (heat rises), positioning windows across from each other to create a cross breeze, and building homes with deep porches, that even though it was hot outside, provided a breeze. This probably led to the tradition of gathering on the front porch after supper, creating a social event of days past.

In today’s world, having the comfort of air-conditioning is something most people probably take for granted. It is when that luxury of cool, refreshing air fails due to a malfunctioning AC system, that people realize just what they are missing. Fortunately, there is an AC Supply in Hudson County NJ, to help them get their air-conditioning up and running again. Many air-conditioning failures can be avoided be recognizing when there is a problem and by providing routine maintenance.

      *     Warning Signs of a Failing AC System -; Higher than average utility bills, odd or unusual odor or sound emanating from the duct work or unit itself, and uneven temperatures from room to rooms or within the same room. Calling an HVAC dealer like at the first indication of a problem saves both money and angst.

      *     Changing the Air Filter -; Most manufacturers recommend swapping out the air filter every three months. Writing the date on the filter when it is replaced is a helpful reminder. Depending on how much the system is used, the type of filter, and if animals live inside the home, the filter may have to be changed more or less often than every three months.

      *     Annual Maintenance -; Central air-conditioning units should be serviced annually. Service twice a year is ideal, both in the spring and in the fall. During the summer months, keeping the grill on the AC unit free of debris by spraying with a hose and keeping any plants or shrubs at least three feet away, will help the unit operate more efficiently.

An AC Supply in Hudson County NJ company will have everything the HVAC technician or homeowner needs to provide routine maintenance and inspection. The thermostat should be checked to ensure it is registering correctly, the filter and condensing coils should be cleaned, electrical components checked, and any moving parts oiled and lubricated.

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