AC Repair in Concord, NC, That Always Gives You More

The Concord climate means that efficient, effective HVAC is a necessity, not a luxury.  We understand how important it is that your system is working optimally, which is why we offer both prompt repairs and a range of affordable servicing options. Our aim is to provide every customer with a one-stop solution to their HVAC maintenance issues, ensuring years of trouble free performance.  Whether you’ve notices your HVAC is under-performing, or has failed completely, we’re here to help.

Chose JLK Mechanical for Competent Air Conditioning Repair

When your system breaks down, you need technicians that understand how it works and can get it going again for you as quickly and cheaply as possible.  Between us, we have over fifty years of experience in fixing A/C of all makes and models.  Our skilled team will be able to quickly diagnose where the problem lies, then mend or replace the faulty component and ensure that everything is working properly again.  We can work on both residential and commercial HVAC just give us a call and we’ll be there for you.

Several Service Plans and FREE Filter Change Alerts

A well-maintained HVAC system not only lasts longer, it’s also less likely to fail.  In addition, an HVAC in poor condition frequently uses more power than one which is working effectively, resulting in worrying high fuel bills.  We offer a selection of reasonably priced service plans, providing a maintenance schedule that ensures your system gives premium performance.

The Answer to AC Repair in Concord

We pride ourselves on offering a fairly priced, reliable service to local residents and businesses, enabling them to keep their HVAC working well.  Whether you want to take advantage of our “layaway” option, call JLK Mechanical for a FREE estimate on a repair job or book in a service, just call us at (704) 787-9708 to speak with a member of our friendly, professional team.

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