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by | Jul 24, 2014 | Health and Fitness


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A nice smile will generally improve your self-confidence and make you appear more attractive. Having an attractive smile may not come naturally to all people. Numerous people have had to live most of their lives with unattractive smiles which only serves to give them a low self-esteem. Modern cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale offers a variety of treatment options for a variety of dental conditions, including discoloration, cavities, missing teeth and misaligned teeth among others. There are numerous procedures that can be used to reverse such dental conditions, which will assist in improving your smile. A seasoned dentist is able to assess the condition of your teeth and use a combination of procedures that will work in your best interest. Here are some of the common procedures that may be employed by a dentists to improve your smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth discoloration ordinarily resulting from smoking, taking specific types of medication, consuming such beverages as coffee or tea among other causes can be easily corrected by a teeth whitening procedure. A dentist may carry out a bleaching procedure either in an in-office procedure or provide you with a tray and jell system to apply at home. Teeth whitening prices will vary with the speed of the procedure itself.


Bonding will improve the appearance of your teeth by correcting spacing of teeth and repairing chipped, broken, stained or cracked teeth. This procedure can also be utilized to fill minor cavities or to protect exposed roots against further damage. This procedure may be carried out in a single in-office session by applying an etching solution followed by a tooth-colored material.


Veneers, which are custom shells made of porcelain, are used to cover the front side of the teeth to modify their color or shape. Veneers are more durable than bonding and have a more superior appearance and are also cheaper than crowns. Before inserting veneers, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, buff the tooth and cement the veneer in place.

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