A Work Injury Attorney in Gulfport MS Can Win Workers Compensation Benefits for You

If you have been injured in a accident which occurred on the job, then you are entitled to financial benefits to cover your lost wages and medical bills. However, being entitled in this case doesn’t mean that you will automatically receive the benefits you are entitled to receive. Very often, an injured worker needs professional help in collecting everything he should receive.

You should visit a Work Injury Attorney in Gulfport MS before you file for workers compensation because he can give you guidance on how to file and what information to include. This will accomplish two things for you. First, it will familiarize the attorney with your case; and secondly, you may have a better chance of succeeding with your claim.

However, your first application may be denied. This will not be the fault of the attorney since the majority of first time applications are rejected regardless of how well you think you have completed the application. There can always be some question about the medical information. It is not uncommon for the second application to be denied as well.

At this point you need to retain the workers compensation attorney who will prepare your case for the next step which is a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This Hearing will be very informal unlike a court trial. The judge does not put on a robe and the Hearing is held in a conference room.

The Work Injury Attorney in Gulfport MS will be well prepared for the Hearing. He will have obtained all of your medical records, information on how and why the accident happened and a prognosis for your complete recovery. He may have an independent medical consultant testify about your injuries and your prognosis for recovery. Your attorney is very experienced at presenting your case to the judge, and he will emphasize every aspect of your medical condition which will be important to the judge. You may be awarded a lump sum benefit if you cannot return to work.

Approximately 80 percent of all cases taken to a Hearing are won by the injured party. Many injured persons are fearful of this process, but there isn’t any reason at all to be afraid. You cannot loose your job if you are able to return to work. You can learn more if you browse around here.


Work Injury Attorney in Gulfport MS



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