A Way to Help Save Money and the Planet

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


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The sheer volume of disposable paper towels that people use can be surprising. Every time someone washes their hands and uses a paper towel the landfills get a little bit fuller. Public restrooms that have paper towel dispensers can contribute to the growing problem of waste disposal. Issues with the environment probably will not go away without some help. People will likely have to get proactive before the situation starts to get better. One thing that could help is the installation of bathroom hand dryers in public facilities. This one simple step could also come with the added benefit of helping businesses cut some of their costs.

Most people can readily see the benefit of eliminating paper towels with the use of hand dryers. These devices normally cut down on paper use substantially, thus requiring the harvesting of fewer trees and placing less trash in the landfills. Some people might not think of the added monetary benefits of installing bathroom hand dryers to business owners.

One major saving businesses could notice a decrease in the need to constantly buy and replace paper towels. After the initial installation, most electric dryers run for years before they need repairs or replacement. Also, the amount of electricity they use is minimal, so they could start to pay for themselves in a short time.

Businesses may realize another less apparent savings by installing bathroom hand dryers in the form of less sick time used by employees. Hand dryers can tend to encourage hand washing, which in turn helps stop diseases like the flu and other viruses from spreading. Fewer people calling in sick can mean better service to customers and less expense for the business owner.

When large groups of people make small efforts to help our planet, they can accomplish amazing things. Finding easily doable ways to be environmentally responsible will normally encourage sustainable behavior. When business people can attach monetary benefits to these behaviors, everyone can benefit. For more details, visit the website.

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