A Strong And Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson Can Help You with Your Case

When an individual receives injuries because of a careless individual, they need to focus on receiving medical treatment and healing from their injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Tucson will provide strong representation against an insurance company and reduce the stress on a victim. An injured victim needs an experienced attorney to be successful in a personal injury tort.

A victim will face financial strain because of a loss of wages, and the medical bills they will incur from their injuries. A personal injury lawyer will evaluate the case, manage the paperwork that needs to be submitted and deal with the insurance company. The lawyer will never provide the insurance company with unnecessary information.

After an Accident

At the scene of an accident, victims should never admit fault to the police or others present. It’s important to provide the other driver and the police with insurance and contact information. Victim should also try to write down the names and contact information of any witnesses on the scene and the color and license plate of the vehicle involved.

Medical Treatment

Whether an individual is involved in an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, trucking, or hit and run accident, they should immediately seek medical treatment for their injuries. Failing to receive treatment on a timely basis could jeopardize their case and limit their ability to heal from their injuries. A small muscle pain could be a sign of something more serious and medical treatment should be obtained.

Severe Injuries

Motorcycle wrecks could result in serious injuries due to the lack of protection between the rider and the car or roadway. A personal injury lawyer in Tucson understands the potential outcome of motorcycle injuries and will work be compassionate and caring to help victims through this difficult time. When an individual has been severely injured, they need a strong spokesperson to fight for their rights.

If you’ve received serious injuries because of a careless act of another individual, there’s no need to fight against the insurance company alone. An attorney will not charge you any fees and will only receive payment for their services if they win a settlement for your case. For more information, please contact PRICE & PRICE Law.


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