A Step by Step Guide to Tire Mounting

Mounting a tire might seem as though it’s a simple undertaking, but it actually requires quite a bit of patience and practice. Every driver should know how to replace and mount a tire, as you never know when an emergency might arise on the road. For example, you might puncture your tire by driving over a nail, or you might run your tire up onto a curb, severing the rubber in the process. Most people carry a spare tire in the trunk of their car for these situations. However, what if you don’t have a spare rim and have to mount the tire on your own? Here’s a brief, step by step guide to tire mounting.

Use a Lever

The first thing you need to do is dismount the tire from the rim. To do this, you will need a straight lever with a slight curve on one end. Hook the curved part into the small space where the rim connects with the tire, and pull the rubber material over the rim. Once you do that, the next step is to rotate the rim so that one side of the tire slides over the entire circumference of the rim. This is the first step of tire mounting.

Mounting the New Tire

Use the lever again to remove the other side of the old tire and reveal the naked rim. Take the tire that you want to mount onto the rim and apply a soapy solution or any sort of lubricant along its edge. This will help make it much easier for the tire to simply slide into place. Then use the lever in the opposite direction and push forward so that one side of the tire hooks up to the rim. After one side of the rubber is firmly in place, rotate the rim so that the whole tire is connected. You can then do the same for the other side of the tire until it’s firmly mounted. Finally, use an air compressor to fill it up with air and you are good to go! To know more about tire mounting visit The Tire Shop.

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