A Root Canal in Northridge Gets a Bad Rap!

Have you ever heard the quips about the root canal procedure? People make comments all the time that make it seem like a root canal in Northridge is the worst example of an experience. Root canals are often used as a comparison point to drive home the idea that something is just not something they want to do ex; “I look forward to doing the dishes after the party as much as I look forward to having a root canal!” While a root canal in Northridge is not the happiest of times, it is certainly not a deeply uncomfortable situation. The pain in the tooth proceeding the root canal is painful, but the root canal itself relieves the pain.

What is a Root Canal?
The first thing you should know about “root canal” is that it is a tooth saving procedure. When the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, you have one of two choices, a root canal or pull it. Perhaps, the fact that the toot is highly sensitive and painful is what gives the root canal procedure such a bad rap. Root canal is:

  • A common endodontic procedure
  • Saves millions of teeth each year
  • Can typically be accomplished in one sitting
  • Will get rid of the pain

The dentist will drill into the tooth to remove the pulp and repack the tooth with material that will ward off infection. The tooth will be restored and can easily last a lifetime as is without any additional work needing to be done. Typically, a tooth at risk is a tooth that is cracked, injured due to trauma or that has had multiple fillings and dental work.

Save Your Teeth
Don’t believe the hype root canals are done with plenty of anesthetic to keep away the pain. It can save your natural teeth and make them comfortable again. Northridge Dentalworks provides this procedure.


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