A Quick Look at the Two Most Common Kinds of Boilers

Most homes and places of business in the area are equipped with systems that heat water to be used for a variety of purposes. In residential settings, relatively compact units produce hot water that is employed to bathe, wash dishes, and carry out other domestic tasks. In far larger commercial facilities, towering tanks often heat water that is then sent throughout the surrounding building to maintain a comfortable temperature. Boilers come in a number of sizes and types, but a few basic designs are by far the most common.

Two Common Ways of Heating Water

Water can be heated in several ways, some of which are fairly exotic. Some people living off the grid today, for example, rely on solar setups for the hot water that often makes life so much easier. Electric-powered heating elements can also be used to raise the temperature of the water with a reasonable degree of efficiency, and some homes have water heaters of this general design.

In many cases, however, the best way to heat an appropriate amount of water will be to burn an accessible type of fuel. That frequently proves to be the most efficient and reliable approach, although there are still some particular details that can vary from one case to the next. Boilers of all sizes commonly fall into one of the following groups.

* Fire tube.

* Many units consist of relatively large tanks that are used to store water, through which run tubes containing gas or another fuel. When that consumable supply combusts, the heat that is generated spreads directly and quickly into the water surrounding the tubes.

* Water tube.

* Another common design sees the above arrangement essentially reversed. Instead of gas or another fuel being confined in relatively small tubes, it is  burned in a large combustion chamber. Water that passes through that space within tubes suspended there takes on heat from the surrounding air.

Plenty of Advice, Service, and Support is Always Available

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