A Personal Injury Law Firm in Hawaii Handles a Broad Range of Cases Aside from Vehicle Accident Incidents

People may think of a personal injury law firm in Hawaii as mainly handling cases involving vehicle collisions, but these attorneys represent many other cases too. A broad range of harmful incidents can result from another person’s negligence or carelessness. Some are fairly common, such as falling down on a wet, slippery floor. Some are unusual, such as being attacked by stinging hornets when the property owner failed to do anything about the nest.

Types of Premises Liability Incidents

A hazardous slippery floor and a nest of angry hornets are both categorized legally as premises liability cases when they cause harm to a visitor, customer or employee at the property. The same is true when a neighbor drowns in a swimming pool after the owners left the gate unlocked while they were away. Dog bite cases also are categorized under premises liability. The injured person deserves compensation for related medical bills, and also for lasting scarring or cosmetic surgery. The insurer of the property is nearly always the entity that pays on these claims after negotiations with a personal injury law firm in Hawaii.

Intentional Acts

Intentional acts of violence sometimes lead to a civil suit or negotiations for a settlement with an individual instead of an insurer. For example, someone who committed aggravated assault and seriously injured another person could be sued by that individual or the family. However, this is only a reasonable action if that person has substantial assets and could pay the money demanded.

Partial Fault

The plaintiffs do not win every case or may receive a relatively small amount of compensation if it can be shown they were partially at fault. A classic example is when somebody falls down on a wet floor at a retail store while not paying attention. A yellow caution sign may have been placed by employees, which the person did not see because they were using their phone. Lawyers with an organization like Yoshida & Associates provide free consultations to people who have been seriously hurt but have a denied premises liability insurance claim because they were inattentive. Visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com for information on this particular firm.


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