A Lock Company in Chicago Helps Area Residents Keep Their Homes Secure

A lock company in Chicago helps area residents keep their homes safe and secure with high-quality features that stop burglars from getting inside. Deadbolts and other equipment go a long way toward making sure nobody enters who is not welcome there.


Premium-security deadbolts installed by a lock company in Chicago are superb at stopping trespassers from breaking in. They can be operated by a key from the outside as well as turned from the inside, as otherwise they can’t be locked up when somebody leaves the house.

The best deadbolts are pick-proof, so even people who are very skilled at this activity will be thwarted in their efforts. They generally lock vertically instead of diagonally or horizontally.

Doorknobs and Levers

Cheap locks that operate by pushing in or turning a button in the middle are not very effective against determined intruders. If somebody can break in simply by swiping a butter knife along the side to move the latch out of the way, the lock is relatively useless. Better-quality knob and lever locks do provide one extra level of security when combined with deadbolts.

Storm Doors

A simple hook-and-eye device on each screen door or storm door also stops anyone from opening it up from the outside. Handles that lock also are available for these home features.

These devices wouldn’t stop a very determined trespasser from kicking the door in to reach the interior door, but burglars must be quiet enough not to alert neighbors or passersby about what they are up to. Kicking in doors is usually not part of their modus operandi.

Other Deterrents

In addition to these features, other burglar deterrents can make them think twice about even attempting to get in. Motion lights on each side of the house make it obvious when somebody is approaching. Floodlights are best. The sight of security cameras is another feature that sends thieves away from the property.

A locksmith from a company such as Amazing Lock Service also can install peepholes or larger door viewers. With this equipment, the residents can make certain they know the person who is knocking or ringing the bell before they open the door. Visit AmazingLockService.com.


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