A List of Questions to Ask a Cake Decorator for Wedding Cakes in Hattiesburg MS

So, you are planning to get married? You have set a date for the wedding, and now is the time to get everything in order. That is good, to plan everything in complete detail. If you are in the Mississippi area, there is a place that does Wedding Cakes Hattiesburg MS and other cakes and desserts for special events. The individual or company you select to do your wedding cake should not be a reckless choice. Your wedding cake is a one time event that you do not want done in a mediocre manner. Thus, you will want to compile a list of questions to ask your potential wedding cake designer.

1. Ask the wedding cake designer for a portfolio of his or her work. This will give you an idea of what kind of cake would be right for you.

2. Ask the potential cake maker if he or she has a taste testing session any time soon. Just because a cake looks tasty doesn’t mean it will be. You want people to actually enjoy the cake.

3. Talk it over with the cake decorator to see if a custom made cake will be a good choice or if there are template designs that you can choose from.

4. Ask the wedding cake artist about possible rentals of accessories for your cake such as toppers, stands, tiers and fountains.

5. If you plan to have a fresh floral arrangement for your wedding cake, will the cake maker work with the florist to get this properly coordinated?

6. Finally, ensure that you ask about all things that can possibly be included in the budget that you have set apart for the cake. Will this include the delivery of the cake? Get the answers to all your questions up front so that there will be no surprises. View the site for more info.

Cotton Blues is the place in Hattiesburg, Mississippi who can provide all your wedding cake solutions. They offer custom wedding cakes in all kinds of designs and flavors. They will deliver your cake to your event, ensuring it of freshness. Your cake can be a small cake for a private party, a tiered cake for larger events, or it can be sliced up for a really large event. If you need someone who does Wedding Cakes Hattiesburg MS for your event, visit the website of Cotton Blues, Website Url.


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