A Helping Hand a Mile High – Medical Transport Personnel

Air travel can be stressful in even the most ideal situations. Because of the media focus on rare disasters and unfortunate accidents involving plane travel, many people have an irrational fear of flight. Add to this the concerns that people with disabilities, medical conditions, illnesses or injuries contend with daily, and you have a recipe for a terribly stressful event.

Major airlines cannot do as much as many patrons would like to make travelers feel safe onboard, but they do allow escorts and medical personnel to travel along with patrons who require them. Commercial air medical transport professionals can be a lifesaving resource for the people utilizing their services.

Serious Needs

Some of the patients who require medical assistance onboard commercial flights have needs that could not be met without the presence of a trained professional. While most flight attendants, pilots and other airline staff are trained in basic first aid and emergency response out of necessity, these staff members are not medical professionals. When travelers face issues brought on by illness, injury or disability, it’s best to employ a third-party escort with appropriate experience.

People who fear flying often rely on friends and family flying along to alleviate worries, and this is especially true of traveling with medical concerns. It’s always good to have a professional and personable helping hand along for the ride!

Soothing Presence

Of course, not every person who requires a medical escort onboard a commercial airline has a potentially life-threatening condition. Some clients simply need someone along for the ride who can provide necessary assistance, and go just a step beyond simply keeping them company onboard. From monitoring vitals to relieving anxiety through talk therapy and affirmations, commercial air medical transport personnel provide services that – while they may or may not be lifesaving measures – certainly carry the weight of their patients’ wellbeing.


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