A Few Things To Consider When Building A Garage

Tearing down an old garage and replacing it or building one from scratch will most certainly increase the value of your home and provide you with added convenience. A lot depends on how much space you have available and the way your house is located on the property. Regardless of space or size there are many things that must be considered; all the way from arranging a building permit to finish options must be dealt with before construction can start.

Design hints:

* The very minimum size for a single car garage should be 20 feet deep and 11½ feet wide. If you only have one car but you need additional storage consider adding half as much again to either the width or depth, this is known by those that do garage construction in Chicago as a one and a half car garage.

* There are cost savings to be had if you attach the garage to your house, however, you must take into account work which will have to be done to the roof, depending on the design this could be quite expensive.

* If you can’t accommodate a bigger “foot-print” think about increasing the height and putting in a mezzanine.

Construction considerations:

* Find out if there are any limitations to what can be done, once you know what can be done you can complete the design and arrange the necessary permits.

* New or replacement garage construction in Chicago invariably means a new concrete slab will have to be poured. Factor in the repair or replacement costs for landscaping that will be disturbed during this phase.

* If your new garage design includes a workshop area make sure you include enough power outlets and adequate lighting.

* In many cases the exterior finish of your new garage is based on your budget. Although a brick veneer is attractive and long lasting it is more expensive than vinyl siding.

When you hire professionals that do garage construction in Chicago for a living you can rely on their experiences and knowledge to ensure that you get a great garage; one that gives you exactly what you want at extremely competitive prices. Contact Absolute Garage Builders for garage Construction at www.absolutegaragebuilders.com. Like us on facebook.com.


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