A Few Facts about Your Dentist in Waikoloa

Your dentist has the skills and training to handle any problem related to teeth and the mouth. It is important to learn as much as you can about a medical provider before you work with him or her. Be sure to know a few facts about the field of dentistry that could directly affect the professional you work with.

Dentists Have a Whole Team Working for Them

A dentist cannot work without a team of professionals to provide assistance, which includes office assistants, hygienists, lab technicians and oral maxillofacial surgeons. Dental assistants provide the first line of support by handling administrative duties, taking X-rays of patients’ teeth and assisting with operations.

Dental hygienists work in jobs that few people understand. The main point is that they are not dentists and do not perform teeth cleaning or other dental procedures. They educate people on the ways to avoid developing diseases of the teeth and mouth.

Dental lab technicians work in the laboratory to create dental impressions, braces, crowns, dentures, bridges and other devices that support teeth. Patients with more serious problems of the mouth and jaw, which require surgery, such as wisdom tooth extraction, will have to consult oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Much like doctors, dental professionals do not work alone. They have a wide range of specialists working alongside them.

There Is Still Controversy over Fluoridation

Some dentists specialize in the field of dental public health. They study how dental problems affect the population at large.

One topic that continues to be controversial today is the fluoridation of public drinking water. Some people argue that adding fluoride to community water supply systems is a preventative measure against oral disease. Dissidents say that adding fluoride to the water is detrimental to people’s health and intrusive of their local resources.

There Are Guides to Deal with Dental Trauma

If a tooth has been knocked out or undergone some kind of trauma, dentists follow guides to help them deal with this problem. These guides are continually updated with new information. Dental professionals must know what to do if a tooth has been knocked out and is handed right to them. One important tip is to handle the crown part of the tooth and not the root part. Also, there are some dentists who specialize in emergency dental surgeries, such as implantation and extraction.

Dentistry is a field that is always evolving to suit new dental technologies and techniques. Computerized systems are making it much easier to find dental problems and administer treatment immediately. Only dentists provide the link between modern dentistry and modern patients. Do you need a qualified dentist in Waikoloa? Meet Brian S. Kubo, DDS, a qualified dental practitioner in Waimea, Hawaii, who will provide assistance to you today.


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