A Drain Cleaning Company in Harford County Can Fix Blocked Sewer Lines

Most homeowners know that sewer lines transport wastewater out of the home into underground pipes, but they don’t give them much thought beyond that until there’s a problem. Clogged sewer lines could lead to a serious backup, where raw sewage comes out of the home’s drains and causes severe damage to the home. A homeowner who understands and responds to the early signs of a sewer backup can avoid these issues. Below, homeowners can learn the earliest signs of sewer line blockage.

Clogged Toilets and Drains

Plumbers say that the most common sign of a sewer backup is when water backs up out of the toilet or drain, or when gurgling noises come from the drains. Clogs may occur in the main line, or in a secondary sewage line. If the problem is within the main line, any water usage in the house will cause an issue; if it’s in the secondary line, it will be more isolated.

Tree Root Intrusion

Root growth is a major cause of sewer line clogs, especially in older homes. As trees grow, their roots can crush older sewer pipes. Slow drains and gurgling toilets are a reliable sign that the home’s sewer lines are affected by root intrusion. If a homeowner doesn’t visit Business Name or call a drain cleaning company in Harford County right away, a complete line blockage could result.

Relieve the Problem by Releasing the Pressure

If the pipes are clogged in the home and a blocked sewer line may be the cause, the first step should be to turn off the water at the main source. A homeowner or a plumber with access to the home’s cleanout line can remove the cap during the backup to relieve pressure within the lines.

Get it on Video

Most plumbers will run an auger through a clog to clear it, and simple cleanings typically cost under $150. If the plumber can’t find the issue, they may recommend an inspection with a camera. However, homeowners should be wary of companies that offer camera inspections before doing anything to clear the blockage.

There’s never a convenient time for a sewer backup, but there are ways to prevent major issues. By looking for the signs of pipe blockage and by calling a Drain Cleaning Company in Harford County when there’s trouble, an observant homeowner can prevent a minor issue from becoming a messy catastrophe.

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