A Dock Builder in Port Charlotte FL Helps Property Owners With a Variety of Projects

A dock builder in Port Charlotte FL needs a place to buy high-quality materials for a variety of projects. The contractor may specialize in residential or commercial projects or may provide service for both. Docks and piers can be modest or extravagant.

Dock Styles

A commercial dock might extend some 80 ft. into the water, while the residential one may be only 12 or 15 ft. long. Resorts that rent private cottages and cabins commonly have these kinds of piers for their customers. Horseshoe styles are ideal when people using the dock arrive in a variety of marine vessels. A pontoon boat fits nicely into the U area, while the speedboats and powerboats can be docked on the outer edges.


A boathouse might be built on residential land when the boat owners plan to be away for a while. Many Floridians head north in the summer for a few months. These are also common features on vacation properties.

Restaurants and Pubs

In this region, some restaurants and pubs like to have a dock builder in Port Charlotte FL do some construction on the site so customers can sail up to the establishment and park their marine vessels. They may not need an exceptionally long dock, but one that can accommodate a dozen or so boats at the same time. It all depends on the clientele. If they have enough waterfront land, they can add a second dock later if the demand is there.

Obtaining Materials

Materials for these varied projects can be purchased from a local supplier such as Shoreline Lumber. As contractors begin drawing up plans, they may find more information at the website.


Depending on the size of a dock, it can be winched up out of the water when not in use for an extended time frame. This normally is only done in cold climates, though, as the property owners may not want the wood sitting in an iced-over waterway. Residential property owners may decide to winch up the dock if they are concerned that trespassers will use the platform while they are out of town for an extended time.


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