A Comprehensive Guide for Purchase of Trailer Hitches in North Dakota

A trailer hitch is a simple contraption installed in a car that is used for towing. This device might seem like the most insignificant part of any car, but it comes in handy during breakdowns. For others with trailers, the hitch serves as a connector between the trailer and the moving vehicle. Choosing the appropriate trailer hitch is, however, not an easy task. To guarantee maximum results here is a step by step process on Trailer Hitches in North Dakota

When towing, three items are essential: A trailer, Vehicle, and the hitch. Although, beforehand, it is essential to consider some factors before purchasing a hitch. For the trailer, total gross weight plays a considerable part in the equation. The heavier the trailer, the bigger and stronger the hitch. Below is a list of other trailer considerations:

Type of trailer

Availability of safety chains

Geographical conditions of the set destination

There are different classes of trailer hitches. The hitches are classified according to their maximum weight capacity. The classes range from I to V.

Class 1

These kinds of hitches are used for light-weight towing preferably 2000 lbs. of gross trailer weight. The hitches are mostly installed on small passenger cars and mid-sized vans.

Class II

These kinds of hitches are known for towing mid-sized cargos. With a receiver tube of 1-1/4 X 1-1/4″ for the ball mount, the hitch is appropriate for small trucks and minivans. The hitch can tow a gross trailer weight of 3,500 lbs.

Class III

Commonly installed in minivans and pickup trucks for towing mid-sized boats, the hitches use a 2″x2″ receiver tube. The hitch can pull a gross trailer weight of between 3,500 to 6,000 lbs.

Class IV

These receiver hitches are known to tow a total trailer weight of 6000 to 10,000 pounds. The heavy-duty contraptions are used to haul heavy equipment such as large boats and campers. The hitches use a 2″X2″ receiver tube.

Class V

These receiver hitches are best known for heavy operations. The hitches use a 2 frac12;”x2 frac12;” receiver tube for the ball mount. Class V hitches have the capacity to tow a gross trailer weight of more than 10000 lbs.

It is important to always consult an expert before purchase of a Trailer Hitch in North Dakota. Always consider a trailer hitch that is of equivalent capacity to the vehicle’s towing capability. For more information visit Pioneerwheel.com


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