A College Student in the Family May Effect Your Auto Insurance Quote in Wichita KS

Your car insurance rates are likely to change significantly when your child goes away to college. Whether your premiums go up or down depends on a lot on whether or not they’ll take their car to school with them. Though your rates are likely to increase with a college student on your policy, there are ways to save money until your student is ready to pay their own way.

Don’t make the mistake of dropping your child from your coverage just because they are away at school and not driving one of the family’s cars. Talk to your agent about a new auto insurance quote in Wichita KS if your child won’t be taking their car to college. By keeping them on your policy and taking advantage of the away student discount, you can be sure that they are covered when they drive during school breaks.

Parents of students who drive while they are away at school may also be able to save some money on their car insurance. If your child gets good grades, be sure to let your agent know. Find out the standard for the good student discount so you can encourage your child to do their best in school while saving your family money. Their good grades may also help them qualify for academic scholarships to help you save even more cash.

In some cases, it makes sense for a college student to have their own policy. Before your child leaves for college, get an auto insurance quote in Wichita KS to find out how much it would cost to insure him or her on a separate policy. Getting your student their own policy may be beneficial if rates are lower in the town where they are going to school or if they have had one or more accidents and are causing the family’s rates to rise.

An experienced agent from Andy Woodward Insurance Agency can provide you with quotes that take your student’s status into consideration. If it makes more sense financially to keep your college student on your policy just remember, over time and with responsible driving behaviors, your child’s insurance rates will go down.


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