A Birth Doula Services the Expectant Mother in More Ways than One

Birth doulas have been around for ages and for many mothers, they are the best option during childbirth. Doula is a Greek word that means “servant” and that’s the primary role of the doula, to serve the mom and offer them support from another woman that will grant a positive influence during the process of labor.

Doulas are professionally trained in the area of childbirth and they proved several levels of support to the expectant mother including physical, educational and emotional support. The primary goal of the birth doula is to enhance the birth experience and make it one that the mother will remember as an empowering moment in which she introduced a new life into the world. Birth doulas are also referenced as labor support specialists, birth assistants, labor companions or labor support professionals. The most important aspect of enlisting the services of a doula is to be certain that there is a great level of emotional support because it will be needed throughout the process.

The responsibilities are extremely personable and often begin several months prior to the due date of the baby. This is the time period in which the expectant mom and the doula become closely acquainted and familiar with each other. The doula encourages the mom to ask every question that comes to mind and to openly express any concerns or fears she may have regarding the pregnancy or delivery process. In addition to making the mother feel as comfortable as possible, this time is also used to devise a birth plan that the mom and/or both parents are comfortable with for the delivery of the baby.

Doulas are typically available by phone whenever the mom needs her in order to immediately respond to questions or concerns that may arise during the pregnancy. Although doulas are knowledgeable in the medical terms of labor and delivery, they do not provide medical care to the expectant mother at any time during the pregnancy. They ae equipped and trained to help the mother understand the procedures and any complications that may arise during the pregnancy or during delivery of the baby. Doulas remain with or near the mother during delivery and they offer needed comfort with techniques designed to help reduce pain that may include massage breathing practices and techniques for relaxation. Doulas also provide encouragement for the partner during the delivery and give reassurance to them as well.

A Birth Doula can help ease the stress during birth by helping the mom to prepare early on. Natural Childbirth & Doula Services Holistic Beginnings knows the importance of comfort during childbirth.


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