A Bail Bondsmen Service in Norwalk, CT Can Offer You a Payment Plan

The prospect of going to jail can be quite stressful. Whether you’re facing serious charges or just a misunderstanding, it’s probably safe to say you’d rather stay out of jail. Utilizing a bail bondsmen service in Norwalk, CT can help with this.

Understanding the Process

When you post bail, you’re promising to appear at your court hearing. The bail amount will be refunded to you after you appear in court. However, you forfeit bail if you fail to appear and will have a warrant put out for your arrest. When you don’t have enough money to post bail, you can get help from a bail bondsmen service in Norwalk, CT residents trust.

Liquid Funds

A judge will set your bail at a certain amount. While you may be worth six figures, it probably isn’t in liquid assets that you can quickly sell. This is where a bail bondsmen service in Norwalk, CT residents trust, like Aces Bail Bonds Inc., can come in handy. Instead of having to mortgage your house and sell major assets, you can pay a small percentage of your bail amount and attain freedom.

Payment Plans

The legal system doesn’t make payment plans when you need to post bail. Fortunately, you do have an opportunity to make payment plans when you utilize the services of bail bondsmen. This gets you out of jail faster and you can spread out your payments, which is more affordable. If you need this type of assistance, be sure to contact Aces Bail Bonds Inc.


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