A 24 Hour Bail Service in Saratoga Springs NY Helps Defendants With Food Allergies Be Released Quickly

When someone with a severe food allergy is arrested, the family members will be especially anxious to do business with a 24 hour bail service in Saratoga Springs NY. They know the risk is probably higher that this person will inadvertently come into contact with the food and suffer a reaction. Some individuals also are not technically allergic to a food but are not supposed to eat it for medical reasons. For instance, wheat is forbidden for people with celiac disease.

Jail Facility Considerations

Detention centers do their best to accommodate inmates with food allergies, but doing so can be difficult. The facility is limited by its budget as to what kinds of food it can purchase and serve to inmates. In addition, jail officials have learned to be skeptical about claims by inmates that they are allergic or sensitive to one food or another.

Contact With Allergens

Through fast completion of an application with a 24 hour bail service in Saratoga Springs NY, a surety bond can be posted at any time of day. This may allow the inmate to be released before he or she even has to eat something. However, there may be a risk of coming in contact with the allergen. Even this limited contact can be problematic for some men and women.

If the person is allergic to peanuts, for instance, he or she should not be housed in a cell with someone who has snacks with peanuts from the facility’s store. If the defendant must be held for a few days while the family gathers money for the bond, they need to provide medical documentation verifying the allergy so this person is allowed a cell without any roommates. Another concern is that peanut butter is commonly used in detention centers as a cheap form of protein.

Inability to Eat Meals

An inmate who is allergic to eggs and also has celiac disease cannot eat breakfast at a facility that only serves hardboiled eggs and wheat flakes with milk for breakfast. The family will want to secure their relative’s release as soon as possible with the assistance of an organization like Bernardo-Goldstein & Quinn Agency, learn more about them.


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