8 Do’s and Don’ts for Justice of the Peace Weddings

Do: Go simple and small

Those who want budget-friendly nuptials can turn to justice of the peace weddings. Skip the frills and costs and focus on the basics.

Don’t: Go boring

Small and simple doesn’t have to mean ho-hum and boring. If you’re bringing heartfelt emotions to the table, there’s not going to be dry eye in the house when you’re done.

Do: Pick a great dress

The right dress can add to the romance of the moment. Not only will it look excellent in the pictures, it has the added benefit of getting you in the mood. That doesn’t just go for you. There’s something about the sight of a bride that brings out the feels for everyone in the room.

Don’t: Forgetting about the invites

Don’t skip the invites. There are plenty of types of online invitation you can send along to get this done. The fun part? You could customize it to reflect you and your fiancée’s personality. For instance, if you both love to travel, then use travel-related accents to spice those invites up.

Do: Hire an excellent photographer

Get the best photographer you can on your budget. You’ll want someone who can capture the sights and sounds, the faces and the moods of the crowd for breathtaking photos of your wedding day.

Don’t: Doing away with ALL the flowers

Leave the bouquet and boutonniere alone. These add the right touch to the wedding and can make justice of the peace weddings feel even more special, says Glamour.

Do: Pick a great reception venue

This doesn’t have to be fancy. Pick a great place to hold the reception, find a friend who’ll be willing to host the event and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t: Doing it all on your own

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether that includes reaching out to different officiants to deciding on the food for the reception.


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