6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Window Cleaners

Hiring a window cleaning service in Alamo for the first time doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s how to prepare your home before the cleaners get there:

Give instructions

If you aren’t going to be home or if you are but don’t want to be disturbed—maybe you’re working at a breakneck pace to meet your deadlines or sleeping in—then provide keys, alarms door codes in advance.

Provide details

Make sure the cleaning crew knows all the details. A good company, though, will ask you in detail what the cleaning job will entail. For instance, do you have windows up on the third or second floor? That could mean the crew will need to bring along special equipment. Do you have tinted windows? That’s going to mean specialized cleaning solutions and tools as well.

Clear out the clutter

Whether you’re preparing for home or window cleaners, it’s best that you get rid of any clutter, the Reader’s Digest suggests. Keep the workspace clean of piles of paper, toys, books and whatnot. That’s going to help your cleaners get started right on the job.

Don’t hover

Give the crew space to work with. Don’t get in their way. If you keep hovering or looking over their shoulder, that’s going to distract them and compromise their concentration, which could lead to accidents or mistakes.

But be there

It would be helpful if you’re around, especially if you’re hiring cleaners for the first time. If your cleaners have any additional questions, you’ll be right there to provide them with the answers they need. That’s going to mean faster cleaning results.

Provide feedback

Once the crew is done, provide feedback. This is crucial, especially if you intend to hire the same window cleaning service in Alamo. This way, they can take steps to improve their services right away.


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