6 Ways to Lessen Stress on Moving Day

Reduce moving day stress. Here’s how.

Pack in advance

Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Start doing it bit by bit. That way, you won’t find yourself cramming to finish all your day days before the move.

Hire pros

Hiring friends and family isn’t ideal. Make it easier on them by simply hiring pros, How Stuff Works says. Look for moving companies in CT that fit the bill. Research your options until you find the right team of movers. Get them to tackle the lifting and logistics of the move so you can concentrate on other equally important things.

Ask questions

Don’t just hire the firm that offers you the cheapest rates you can find. Consider value and reputation before you pick one out of the moving companies in CT that are on your list.

Take an inventory

Don’t forget to take an inventory of everything that’s going to your new home. You’ll need his list to check if there’s anything missing later on. The moving firm should take their own inventory as well. Check their list to make sure both lists are in sync and that’s nothing missing from their count.

Be there

Be present during the pickup of your furniture and when the movers unload them at your new home. Make sure to go over your inventory to check if every single piece of item made it safely to your new address.

Keep your pets and kids away

Moving day is already chaotic enough without adding pets and kids to the mix. If you have both, keep them out of the way of the movers. If they’re underfoot, they could trip someone up or they could get into an accident themselves. For a less stressful day, get someone to watch over them so you won’t need to worry about them during the move. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.


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