6 Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

Ever wonder what factors affect your insurance premiums? Know what these factors are so you’ll know what to do to ensure you get the best car insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach:

Your age and gender matter

Young men are statistically more at risk of getting into car accidents than young women. But older men have better insurance rates than older women.

Married drivers have an advantage

However, married men have better rates than single women and married drivers with kids usually get the best rates in town. That’s because insurance companies believe drivers are much more careful on the road when they have kids to worry about.

The state you live in is a factor too

If you live in densely populated urban areas where there are more cars, that means you’re at a bigger risk of getting into an accident than if you lived in a sleepy, suburban town. That’s going to hike up your car insurance rate, says the Money Crashers.

Maintain your credit score

A high credit score helps ensure lower rates. That’s because you’re less likely to be a risk for the insurance provider. However, if your credit score dips, that’s going to mean higher insurance rates for you as well.

Factor in safety rating

The safety rating of your vehicle affects the rate you can get for car insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach. The higher those safety ratings are, the lower your premium might go. That’s why paying for a car that’s loaded with safety features is well worth it. If you’re planning to buy a car, make sure you keep this in mind.

Your car’s age is also an issue

The older the car, the more unsafe it can be to drive, especially if it’s already undergone a ton of repairs. To know more about rates, talk to a trusted insurance agent.


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