5 Ways You Can Nail Local Seo For Your Business

Growing consumer demand is one of the forces behind the surging growth of small and medium sized businesses in the U.S. Search Engine Land confirms this, saying there are about 82 percent of the country’s consumers that use local businesses. There’s every reason to give it a try. Here are some handy tips to help you get your local SEO efforts right:

Invest in a store locator
An excellent store locator leads right to your door. With people going online these days to consult review sites before they even head out the door for a meal or searching for the latest dumpling place, these store locators are now more important than ever.

Update your address
Make sure you consistently check your address in your social media pages, along with the store locator. This way you know if there are any dead links or errors in your information and can correct those slipups right away.

Be active on social
Post regularly. Let your consumers know you exist. It doesn’t have to be promotion-based all the time. Post light-hearted or timely, seasonal bits that resonate with your audience, that they’ll enjoy. The more active you are on social, the better exposure your business gets. And the more your posts resonate with them, the more possible it is to build a close relationship with your regulars.

Assess your competition
Know what your competition is doing. It can tell you if you’re on the right track or not or even help you determine where the market is going. By figuring out what your competition is onto, you can make better decisions for your business. And if you can’t figure them out, hire pros to do it for you.

Don’t forget your on-page content
On-page content is still key. So optimize your page all you want. Focus your content locally. Optimize for local areas you’ve got in mind. This should boost your engine rankings and your traffic. For more information visit clientraction.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for latest news and updates!


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