5 Ways to Style a Contemporary Asian Fusion Home

Are you decorating a home with an Asian flair? If so, you may find it difficult to mix the many styles of Oriental furniture with your contemporary taste and create a unified, polished look. If you keep your overall decor clean and simple, these five focus areas can serve as a guide to injecting some Eastern flavor.


Many major Asian cultures, however diverse, have a tradition of simplicity and understatement when it comes to decorating. Even with ornate, decorative pieces, you will find the overall shapes to be straightforward and nature-inspired.


Geometry is an important facet of Asian decor. For example, the circle is a recurring motif in Japanese culture, where it may represent the sun and enlightenment. Circles and squares also dominate Chinese design and are regularly used as metaphors for completeness and standards.


Whether you choose to hang Asian-themed wall art or go for ornately-decorated Oriental furniture, art is one of the most powerful ways of creating visual impact and making a statement. If you want to focus on art as the main Asian component of your decor, you have several options. You could hang traditional-style pieces from a particular country or period, you could use more modern pieces with a similar feel, or you could create your own mix, using recognizable elements such as koi, dragons and certain flowers, all depending on the culture you wish to emulate.

Color and Finish

Bright pops of color are common in Asian visual design. Adding a single, bright red element to an otherwise monochromatic space may give you the effect you desire, with no other symbolism necessary. Dark, lacquered Oriental furniture, with or without inlays, is another understated Asian element that can help set the tone of your home. Chinoiserie, the heavily Asian-inspired style of Western art and furnishings popular in the 18th century, made use of many of these styles and can still be found today.


If you favor a simple, neutral backdrop for your furnishings and are not ready to commit to a whole-house redesign, you can test out an Asian fusion style by adding a few accents here and there. Some items that may produce the desired effect include:

  • Falling water.
  • Stones or pebbles.
  • Blue and white ginger jars.
  • Circles and squares.
  • Uncomplicated, high-contrast items.
  • Asymmetrical displays.

Asian art and design encompass an enormous range of styles and traditions. When choosing Oriental furniture for your home, be thoughtful. Find out if the design elements of the piece have specific cultural significance, and honor that significance if you can. Oriental furniture can add beauty and depth to your home like no other style can. Visit website for more information.


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