5 Ways to Improve Your Piano Playing Skills

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Music School Academy


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There’s something mesmerizing about the sound of a piano, when the keys flow together in a song or music, and you find yourself suspended in a moment, waiting for the next note to drop. That’s how expert pianists create magic.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, here are a few tips to help you.

Play the classics

We know you think classical music is boring. But many of these pieces require a ton of technical power and skill. By playing these pieces, you can improve your playing skills. Start with Bach or Chopin and go from there.

Find a music school

Get into a music school in Albuquerque and start taking piano lessons. Learning from a pro remains one of the best ways to learn how to play and improve your skills at manipulating the keys.

Participate in recitals

Many schools hold recitals for their students. It’s a milestone in your piano playing experience. The thought of performing in front of strangers can be stressful and terrifying but the experience will also help you be more confident in performing in front of a crowd.

Go for a challenge

Look for songs or pieces you find challenging and work on them. Pushing yourself past your comfort zone will help you improve. However, be sure not to go for something that’s well and truly beyond your current set of skills. Find pieces that are just a little out of your league, in the way of technical skills, Spinditty says. Ask your teacher for suggestions.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help. A good teacher for piano lessons in Albuquerque should have no problems in reaching out to you and providing you with the guidance and support you need to get you through those first, few stumbling blocks and hurdles.

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