5 Ways to Enjoy Craft Beer for the First Time

Getting your first taste of a craft beer in Boston can turn you off the drink for life. Here’s how to enjoy it like a pro:

It’s going to be sour

While not all craft beers are sour, most tend to be, given that it’s the trend for beers from many local breweries. This can mean taking in beer that tastes more than a little unusual than what you’re used to, says the CBC. Knowing its sour, though, can help you manage your expectations in advance so you won’t have to find yourself asking: ‘is this is really how it tastes like?’ once you’ve taken your first sip.

Try it again

Don’t stop with the first sip. Give the beer a chance to settle on your tongue. Take your time. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss it or hate it. You might end up liking it after a couple of sips or a bottle or two.

Check the temp

The correct temperature makes a difference in the taste of the beers. That said, you’ll want to try that craft beer in Boston served up slightly chilled. This will help open up the taste of the beer.

Use the right glass

You’ll enjoy your beer better if the restaurant uses the correct glassware to serve this to you. It doesn’t just pack a visual punch; it also helps improve the flavor of the beer, keeping it cool much longer and offering more surface area for it to breathe.

Go in the right order

Want to try out as many sour beers as you think you can handle? Have fun doing so by going from the lightest flavors to the heavier and stronger beers. Switching from one to another will only mess up your palate so you’ll want to drink in the proper order for a more pleasurable drinking experience.


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