5 Tube Bender Buying Tips

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Business


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The best way to achieve the perfect bend for tubes is to use a tube bender. So buying the right kind matters. Don’t know the first thing about buying one? Here are a few tips to help you take home the perfect one for you:

1. Shop.

Whether you go online or offline, you’ll find a range of tube bending devices that come at different prices. Learn as much as you can about each unit. That way, you know which ones fit your requirements the most.

2. Determine your goals.

What do you intend to use it for? A do-it-yourself project? Or do you want to build exhaust tubes? Knowing what your project goals are which influence your buying decision a great deal.

3. How much hydraulic force do you need?

You’ll have to decide on the unit by factoring in the hydraulic force that the bender can apply to the tube.

4. Consider die set size.

Die sets are curved pieces that you usually secure to the end of the bender. It’s where you put the tubing to form the bend. Different dies mean different diameters of tubing, says The Fabricator, so make sure you get the right die for your application. These die sets also come in either round or square tubing so keep that in mind when you start shopping around for die sets.

5. Make sure it’s for tubes.

A lot of buyers often make the mistake of getting a pipe bender. However, while the processes might seem similar, tubes and pipes aren’t the same. They come with different scaling issues, for one. So you’ll have to use different dies if you want to bend pipes or tubes. If you insist on using a pipe bender to bend your tubes, you could end up with a flattened or buckled failure of a bent tube.

Buying the right bender is your best bet to getting the perfect bend. So choose wisely.

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