5 Tips to Help You Plan for a Long-Distance Move

Planning for a move can be a monumental task, especially if your new address is quite a bit of distance away. No worries, though. We’ve got you covered with the following tips.

Get the right crew

One of the first things you’ll need to do is get the right crew. Look for trustworthy long-distance movers in Winnetka to help you. With help from a professional moving service, you’ll have less worries on your plate.

Know what you need

To find the right crew, you’ll need to be clear about the kind of moving services you need. After all, not all moving companies provide long-distance help. Keep a lookout for that detail when you scout around for long-distance movers in Winnetka.

Get the location

You can start planning and checking out moving companies once you have your new address, How Stuff Works says. Make sure you know how much space you’ve got in your new home.

Measure the space

Are you moving into a smaller property? You may want to put a few pieces of your furniture in storage. Figure out how you’ll organize your belongings before you bring the rest over to your new home. With plenty of moving companies that offer storage services, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Sort through everything

Before you put everything in storage, this is a good opportunity to look over everything you own. Sort out the clutter and the things you no longer need. Apply the one-year or even the ten-year rule. Anything you haven’t used in the last year or the last five or ten years must go. That can help you determine how much of your stuff needs to go into storage and how much you’ll need to throw away or give to someone else.

These five steps are a good start as you plan for your long-distance move. Put them to good use.


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