5 Things to Know About Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial hard chrome is useful for resurfacing many items, particularly for machine parts. Chrome plating can restore life and wear to parts. Following are five things to know about how chrome plating works in industrial applications.

1. There are some applications that are particularly suited to being plated with chrome. Some of these include:

* Aircraft parts

* Gas turbines

* Petroleum applications

* Pulp and Paper industries

2. Chrome plating can be applied to a wide variety of parts within these and other industries. Custom plating shops can apply a chrome surface to the smallest machine parts, and some shops can even plate parts as big as ten feet.

3. Chrome plating can be applied in several layers to replace worn areas of machine components, bringing these back to the original size for proper fit in the machine.

4. Industrial hard chrome specialists can sandblast away rust before applying a new chrome surface to your items. This means that your part is truly like new once the process is complete. Look for a chrome plating company that performs their own sandblasting for a faster turnaround time.

5. Hard chrome plating is very cost effective. The finish is fairly easy for experts to apply, so your new surface is ready quickly, even if several coats are required.

Hard Chrome Plating is a Specialty Technique

It is important to note that industrial hard chrome services are a specialty trade. If you’re considering chrome plating for parts, be sure to check out any company before use. Ensure that the company has the knowledge, expertise and experience, particularly if you are having machine parts plated. Only an expert can ensure that the part will be a perfect fit after plating.

Most chrome plating shops offer custom service, and will work with you on any surface you need plated. In most cases, you can get an estimate on cost before you make a commitment to buy. These professionals can give you sound advice as to how to best use sandblasting and plating to bring your products and parts back to life, and how to care for these parts after plating.

Hard chrome plating is a viable alternative to replacing parts for many industries. Talk with the experts about how they can help you get new life for your worn parts. It is probably easier and less expensive than you imagine.


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