5 Things Some Landscape Management Services Won’t Tell You

Keeping your business looking good is a full-time job and the outside is just as important as the inside because this is what the public sees every day. You will enjoy many benefits with commercial landscape maintenance companies. However, some of them won’t tell you everything you need to know. Here are 5 things some landscape management services might not tell you, and knowing them can save you money and headaches.

1. You Can Mow Your Own Lawn

You will save money if you (or one of your employees) mow the lawn. However, it is essential to use the right equipment and know the fundamentals of proper mowing. If not, then you are better off letting landscape professionals take care of mowing.

2. You Don’t Have to Keep the Grass Super Short

Keeping the lawn short may seem like good business but it is not the best option. In fact, it is better to leave it on the long side. Some services may advise keeping the grass short, so they can make more money mowing, but reputable landscape management services are more interested in the health of your lawn. They understand grass too short can actually encourage weed growth and place undue stress on the lawn, so they will not mow too frequently or remove too much grass at one time.

3. You Have a Right to Service Updates

Some landscape maintenance companies tell you what their services encompass but do not keep you up to date on what is going on with your landscape. They believe there is no need for this. However, the best companies issue regular updates and they will either provide monthly summaries of your services or at your request perform a walkthrough with you. This keeps you up to date.

4. Not Every Landscape Company Can Take Proper Care of Your Trees

Some services will care for your trees but at what price? Unless you hire landscape management services with certified and experienced arborists, your trees could be in trouble some day. This is very important for the business owner with mature trees, as they cannot be replaced. A certified arborist knows the safest way to prune and treat trees for disease, and will make sure all necessary precautions are taken when handling your trees.

5. Portfolios are Important

Not all landscape management services are proud of their portfolios so they may try to change the subject if you ask. The truth is, the best services are very proud of the work they have done and can show you an impressive portfolio.


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