5 Signs That It’s Time for Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA

If someone has no plumbing experience, they may not know it when a home’s pipes have problems. It’s important to recognize the warning signs of corroded, failing pipes so prompt treatment can be sought. When a homeowner doesn’t get Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA as soon as they notice a problem, they set themselves up for more severe and costly problems in the future. Below are some signs that a home may need sewer repair.

Increased Water Bills

High water bills are the most reliable sign of a broken pipe because they provide a record of water consumption rather than other issues. While it’s common for water bills to vary by up to $15 per month, an excessive increase is a common indication of a pipe problem.

Low Water Flow or Pressure

Another sign of damaged pipes is decreased water pressure or flow, which are separate but equally important functions. Flow is the volume of water received from fixtures. Pressure is the force of water as it leaves the fixtures; either issue can signal a problem in the pipes.

Strange Odors

Mildew and mold are fungi that grow in the presence of moisture and give the home a musty odor. If the home smells odd, there may be moisture pockets or water damage due to a cracked or corroded pipe.

Persistent Clogs

When clogs won’t go away, a broken sewer pipe may be to blame. In many cases, clogs occur because of hair, grease, and debris; however, they can also become blocked due to serious damage. If a pipe continues to clog after a professional cleaning or Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA, there may be a rupture further along the sewer system.

Damp Spots

If the floor is damp and a spill hasn’t occurred, it may be because of damaged pipes. When moisture is allowed to build up, mildew and mold can grow in the home and cause health issues in sensitive family members.

If high water bills, clogs and strange odors are allowed to continue, additional damage and expensive repairs may result. If a home is having any of the warning signs mentioned above, the owner can contact a plumber right away.


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