5 Reasons a Natural Childbirth is Better for Mom and the Baby

Natural childbirth comes with a lot of advantages. Here are some of the reasons why more and more mothers are going with an unmedicated approach to childbirth and why you might want to go the same way as well:

Less risks

Medicated childbirth could lead to potentially harmful side-effects for you or your baby. Some birth methods are also invasive, which could lead to more risks.

Greater control

A natural birth gives women greater control over the birthing experience. This could help reduce the amount of pain and discomfort felt during the birth, says the BabyCenter.

Peace of mind

Going through a natural birth can also provide first-time mothers with peace of mind. Since there’s no medication, there’s no loss of sensation or alertness. Mothers won’t feel like they’re losing a sense of what’s happening during the delivery process which could be a scary thought.

Full participation

An unmedicated birth means mothers can fully participate in the birthing process. They won’t have to feel like they woke up and missed the entire experience because of taking drugs. They can put the pain techniques they learned to good use. They could also work with their partners to manage the pain.

Faster recovery

Natural birth is less invasive on the woman’s body and so requires less recovery time. C-sections take longer to recover from, on the other hand. The procedure is much more expensive as well.

One thing to remember

The techniques you’ll learn won’t eliminate the pain during the birthing process, though. It would be a good idea to hire an experienced birth doula to help through the process. You can manage the pain better when you have a pro to guide you and support you through it. There are also post-partum doulas who can help you and your partner care for the baby while you both learn to be first-time parents.


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