5 Questions to Help You Hire the Right Home Remodelling Contractors

Hiring home remodeling contractors is the first step to getting the remodel and upgrade you want. Considering all the horror stories of hiring bad ones, though, choosing contractors with great care and caution is a wise decision. Here are questions to help you hire the right ones with confidence:

How long have you been in the business?

Companies that have been in the business for a long time have already gone through ‘growing up pains’ and have better systems as well as controls to ensure the best results, says the Home Advisor.

Are you licensed?

They should be. Requirements for a contracting license are often different from state to state. That means you’ll want to hire contractors who are licensed to work in your area. Don’t forget to check if the contractor is licensed for the work you need in your home or for something else. You’ll want to hire someone with the right license to prevent any mistakes and accidents.

Can you send me a copy of your insurance certificate?

Check if the contractor has both workers’ compensation along with liability insurance for the job. If anything happens, you know you and your contractors are covered.

When’s the date of completion?

You need to know the start and end dates of the project. This will affect your budget as well as your schedule. Ask your contractors if they have other jobs that could affect your timelines. And if delays happen, how will they address those issues?

What’s the payment schedule?

Some might ask for a deposit in the beginning. That’s normal. But don’t pay the full freight upfront. You could pay 35 percent in the beginning, 25 percent the second and third times and 15 percent before everything is done. Talk it out with your home remodeling contractors to arrive at the best timeframe for both parties.

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