5 Great Tips to Cleaning Your Windows Exceptionally Well

Want spotless windows? If you’re interested in learning how you could have shiny, streak-free windows of your own, read on.

1. Decide how often you want your windows cleaned. This decision really depends on your preference. Some have their windows only twice a year, coinciding with the fall and spring seasons. Some specifically call for window cleaning services after the winter. After that, most have their windows cleaned summer or late autumn, just in time for the holidays. Others have their windows washed once every week, though, according to Houzz. A tip, though: it’s better not to wash your windows during the summer or on a hot summer day. That’s because the heat dries up your water and soap cleaning solution much too soon, leaving behind streaks in your windows. And to get rid of the streaks, you’d have to start over again. Not exactly the best incentive to put you in the mood to clean up.

2. Protect your floors and walls. Before you wash your windows, make sure you get everything out of the way first. If you’ve got a carpet nearby, cover it up with cloth, tarp, plastic or anything that proves handy before you start.

3. Use a homemade solution. Instead of using store-bought cleaners for your windows, simply mix up a gallon of warm water and a drop of dish soap. Then squirt that onto a sponge and start scrubbing away at the windows. Make sure you don’t miss a spot. Get into the crevices as well as creases in the windows. When you’re done, get rid of the suds and solution with a rag, then wipe and dry the surface with a  clean towel.

4. Use ammonia or vinegar. That is, if you’re cleaning windows that have been unwashed for months, if not years, and have now gone grimy with time. The vinegar will help you eliminate any of the grease on your windows.

5. Scrub with an old toothbrush. One way to really get into those crevices and creases is to take an old tooth brush—one you aren’t using anymore—and use that to scrub at the tough-to-reach places.

These are all great tips to get your windows cleaned. However, if you’re short on cleaning hours, then your best bet is to hire window cleaning services from a reputable company. This way, you get the clean windows you’ve always wanted without compromising on your schedule.


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