5 Essentials of Shopping for Plaid Shirts for Men

Chances are, you’ve already worn plaid shirts a couple of times. But are you choosing the right ones? Here’s how to shop for checkered shirts that look excellent on you:

Choose the right colors and styles

Before you can wear them right, make sure you own a good number of Men’s plaid shirts in the right colors and styles. Not all types of plaid or checkered combinations are going to look good on you. So you’ll need to pick which ones really compliment you. When that’s done, time to…

Consider the shirt’s thickness

Autumn or winter means you’ll probably want Men’s plaid shirts that are thicker and can help keep you warm and toasty. For summer, you might want to go with just shirt, sans any shirt underneath.

Experiment with your bottoms

Don’t just pair it up with your go-to blue denim. A good pair of chinos, slacks or even dark fitted jeans will work out wonders, says Fashion Beans. You might also want to experiment with sports jackets for a casual, winning look.

Pick out patterns

There are plenty of patterns you can go for. Some are bold and dramatic, others are eye-catching while some are safe, with neutral colors. Depending on where you’re going, you might want to pair your plaids to the right occasion. Joining a Christmas party? Go for the red and green. Some yellow and red might work out fine too. Or why not go with red and blue? You’ve got a ton of options you can choose from so finding plaid shirts to match every occasion isn’t going to be a problem.

Opt for a comfortable material

Cotton flannel is durable and remains a top choice for many shoppers. However, you could also look for them in wool or other light-weight materials.

With these tips, finding and wearing those checkered shirts just right is now going to get a whole lot easier. To know more contact Bugatchi at (561) 893-0555. Check them out at https://www.bugatchi.com/. Connect with them on Facebook for more details.


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