4 Ways To Save Money At Family Restaurants Laurel MS

Going out to eat can be quite expensive if you have a large family. Of course, clipping restaurant coupons can prove to save money. However, not everyone has time to spend clipping away. Instead, try using these four creative ways to reduce your bill next time you go to Family Restaurant Laurel MS.

Happy Hour Deals

If time allows, choose to go out to eat during happy hour time. Many well-known restaurants like Cotton Blues offer some incredible discounts and promotions between the hours of 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Entrees, appetizers, desserts, and cocktails are discounted up to 50% off during these times. Eating out earlier also helps avoid large crowds and can get you better seating. In turn, service will be prompt and quick.

Share With Kids

While the kids menus at restaurants are meant to save you money and are meant to be of perfect portion for children, they typically are not. An entree off the kids menu can end up costing around $10.00. Portions for children are also often quite large. At most restaurants, one kids meal can easily feed two children. Save some money by either sharing your own adult sized meal with your child. If there are two children, have them share one meal with each other.

Skip the Cocktails and Desserts

Everyone loves a piece of cake after a meal or a margarita while enjoying appetizers. However, these extras can really add up. Instead, enjoy water or a soft drink with your meal and have a drink or two before you head out to eat. As much as children love sweets, save the money and offer to make dessert at home once dinner is over. Not only can this end up being cost effective, but it also can guarantee some fun family quality time in the kitchen.

Follow or “Like”

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media sites. Being that restaurants want to bring in business, they typically have their own Twitter or Facebook pages that allow them to interact with their fans. Follow or “like” these pages and you will notice that many restaurants regularly update their feeds with special discounts like “BOGO”. Before eating out, check the restaurant pages and see if there are any deals just waiting to be taken advantage of.

These four tips are clever and creative ways to save some money at Family Restaurant in Laurel MS.


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