4 Ways to Finding a Dealership that Won’t Mess With You

With plenty of horror stories out there, it can be a bit of a tiresome task to look for a reputable Ford Car dealership in Oak Ridge TN. But if you don’t want to end up getting taken for a ride, then you’ll need to be careful about where to buy your car. Here are ways to find a dealership that won’t mess with you:


Check out reviews

These days, social media makes it easy for disgruntled voices to reach far and wide. You’ll want to take advantage of that by checking out reviews for the dealerships in your area. Poor reviews can be a marker for bad service and results so you’ll want to avoid those dealerships like the plague. Glowing reviews, on the other hand, could give you good leads to start with.


Time it right

The end of every month is a good time to look for a Ford Car dealership in Oak Ridge TN and buy a car. That’s because some salesmen might already be closing in on a particular sales threshold. Or they might have incentives or quotas to meet. That means they’re more motivated to sell so you can actually get a pretty good deal, says Popular Mechanics.


Ask around

You’ll want to check in with friends, family and coworkers too. Ask them for tips and suggestions as well as referrals and tips. They could also provide you with a ton of advice on what dealerships to avoid to save you the time, trouble and expense of going to a dodgy or inept dealership.


Pay a visit

Does the dealership offer a pleasant experience for customers? Are cars covered with thick layers of dust and grime? Are there tools everywhere that look like they hadn’t been cleaned in decades? Walk away and look for a better dealership then.


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