4 Ways to Find a Great Collision Repair Shop

If your car’s got dents or considerable damage to the body, then finding a reliable collision repair shop in New Jersey is a must. That matters because your car’s an investment. Considering how much people shell out for their cars, you wouldn’t want to just leave yours in the hands of technicians, unless you’re pretty sure they’re reliable and have the necessary training to get the job done. So…

Check out credentials
Make sure the technicians and staff are licensed, trained and accredited for the repair work they’re going to undertake, says the Better Business Bureau. Verify the license of the shop so you know the information is current and up-to-date.

Get a lot of bids
A good number to shoot for is 3 to 6. Options mean you won’t have to be restricted or limited when you shop around. However, keep in mind that price isn’t and shouldn’t be the driving factor in your decision.

More than rates
Low rates aren’t the only thing you need to factor into your search. You should consider service quality as well. So go online and check for reviews before you sign up for a collision repair shop in New Jersey. Reviews are handy and can tell you if you’re signing up for a deal with a sketchy repair shop or not. That’s going to make it easier to walk away and find a new one.

Consider available services
Aside from service quality, you should also take a look at what those rates cover. Some rates might seem a bit steep when you compare them to others but when you consider the costs of the services covered, they turn out to be reasonable estimates, after all. So do the math before you chuck that estimate to trash. That way, you’ll know if the numbers will work for your budget or not.


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