4 Ways the Right Signage Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts and Save the Day

The right signage can do a lot to improve your ROI and bottom line. Read on and find out how:

Attract customers

Putting in an outdoor LED video wall can draw the attention and interest of potential customers, getting them to your door and right into your shop. That’s already half the battle. By putting in signage that customers won’t be able to resist, you can increase foot traffic to your business and generate higher sales.

Reinforce your brand

If your business is fairly new, then one of the challenges you’re probably facing is the question of how to build up consumer trust and confidence in your product. The right signage, though, can help with your promotional efforts, says Hackworth. A well-lighted, clean and readable sign can do wonders for your brand, reinforce it and get customers to your door. That’s a good foundation for trust. Once customers find your brand trustworthy, they’re more likely to keep coming back for more.

Reflect your brand promise

Bad signs can detract from the value of your products, service or brand simply because these signs send the message that you don’t pay attention to the little details. A well-made sign, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite and make potential buyers take a longer look at your products/ services. That’s going to mean they’re more likely to open their wallets and buy your goods or pay for your services.

Engage customers

Done right, that outdoor LED video wall could easily engage potential consumers and get them to walk into your store and shop. Whether it’s in monochromatic tones or in full color display, your LED sign can easily take advantage of colors and video imagery to elicit the reaction you want out of your buying customers, all of which would lead to one thing: higher sales.


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