4 Tips for Choosing an Accident Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

Finding a personal injury lawyer may seem simple at first. Most people have seen countless print ads, billboards and commercials, which can make it seem easy to find the right attorney. However, doing so is one of the most important decisions a person makes after an accident, and it should be given much thought. Every case is different, and it is important to find an attorney who will evaluate the case’s specifics before offering advice. Below are factors clients should consider when selecting an injury lawyer when they visit Westgaattorney.com.

Make Sure That the Attorney’s Focus Is Personal Injury Law

Not all attorneys who accept injury cases make them a sole focus. Some lawyers accept numerous case types, which can divide their focus and prevent them from becoming very proficient in one particular area. An accident lawyer in Carrollton, GA will have a better understanding of each case’s needs, and they will know how to maximize the client’s chances of a fair recovery.

Case History

A local injury lawyer should have a history of satisfied clients and successful results. Most people find an attorney through a recommendation from a former client, and new clients should ask for references. Friends and family can be another great source of recommendations, and word-of-mouth from a trusted source can help the potential client narrow the field. Once a short list is made, the client can request an initial consultation with the listed attorneys.

Contingency Fees

Honest injury attorneys do not receive payment until the client wins a recovery. Rather than charging an hourly rate or retainer, the attorney will get a percentage of the settlement. Such arrangements protect clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible reputation.

Avoid Cut-Rate Lawyers

Smaller fees do not always put the client at an advantage. When a lawyer cannot generate enough business, they may advertise lower fees to tempt clients. However, such arrangements come with many restrictions, resulting in few situations where the client is eligible for the discount. This can be very misleading, and clients should read the contract’s fine print before signing. While discount lawyers typically focus on volume, clients should consider paying a bit more for personalized representation from an accident lawyer in Carrollton, GA.


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