4 Things to Remember When Relocating Your Business

Whether you run a local shop and moving across town, or a large corporation relocating across the country, moving can be a real pain. It’s best to check out commercial moving companies in Memphis as soon as you know you are moving. Plus, these four tips can be highly beneficial.

1. Think Donations

Do you really want to move office equipment that is old or outdated? This could be the perfect time to upgrade and you’ll save on fees from commercial moving companies in Memphis. It may not be easy to sell used equipment but it’s not hard to find organizations willing to accept what you have to offer. This will also give you a tax break.

2. Make Sure to Clearly Label All Moving Boxes

Some people believe they have done their jobs when they write on the top of each box after it has been packed. However, this is not the best way to mark or label boxes. To make sure there are no mistakes, label the sides also. If you have sensitive equipment, draw arrows on the sides and do not forget to mark these boxes as “fragile”.

3. It’s Never Too Early to Start

If there are things you can pack ahead of time, do it. This will save you time when you have to pack up everything for the move. Commercial moving companies in Memphis provide expert packing services, but if you plan to do the job with employees or by yourself, buy your packing supplies far ahead of time. This way, you’ll be certain to have the right materials when you need them.

4. Cover Your Losses

If you are not using professional assistance, make sure you have sufficient cargo and damage insurance. You also may need ENOL (employer non owned liability) auto insurance if employees use their own vehicles during the relocation.


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