4 Things a Construction Attorney Can Do for You

Construction law involves contract law. It covers the negotiation and formation of agreements and contacts along with disputes that might spring up between the builder and homeowner, says HG. If you’re a contractor, here’s why you’ll need to hire a lawyer:

Draft and negotiate your contracts

Once you and your client—the homeowner—sign a contract, both parties enter into an agreement that’s legally binding. A construction attorney can help ensure those contracts or agreements are legally sound. It must also be thorough enough to cover all the areas or aspects of the job. If you want to provide additional conditions or to revise or adjust some terms, your lawyer can help make these happen.

Ensure you’re paid

A lawyer can take steps to ensure you receive the full payment due you, based on the services you rendered and the contract both parties signed. If the homeowner reneges on any of the terms or conditions of the contract, a tough and aggressive construction attorney can help you file for a civil action to recover any unpaid sum. If you’ve got out subcontractors filing a case against you, though, a construction lawyer can defend you against those claims.

Review proposals

Lawyers perform a slew of duties. Aside from litigation assistance, they can review your construction proposals—from any requests for proposals that you might have to any bidding for proposals along with any contract interpretations. With a lawyer to review your contracts, you won’t have to worry about loopholes that could lead to legal problems in the future.

Terminate a contract

Your lawyer can also help you check current contracts and make suggestions on whether you’ll be better off terminating a contract or not. Your lawyer will ensure you follow proper procedure so you won’t end up with wrongful terminations.

Want to know more? Ask a construction lawyer today for help and assistance.

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